Sunday, 8 July 2012

Off to Bristol for a Week

I'm going to Bristol this week. I'm learning some of the new techniques developed by the PhD student I will be taking over from. (Our projects are different but involve similar barley plants and therefore similar methods). It will be great to start to get to know everyone in the lab, and of course to learn the skills I will need for my PhD!

Another exciting part of the week will be the weekend. I'm going flat hunting... with The Boyfriend! After six years we will finally be moving in together. He has a place on a Masters course in Bristol too, so we are hoping to rent somewhere halfway between our two campuses (which are about 4 miles apart).

The area I have in mind is out of the city centre but still walkable/cycleable, so I will be able to sell Jools the Peugeot. Driving in Bristol's a nightmare anyway, and the amount I'll save in fuel/tax/insurance/repairs will completely cover my increase in rent!

So excited! I'm away all week but I will schedule a couple of posts while I'm gone so you don't miss me too much! Haha! :)

Dha weles!


Frugal Living UK said...

Have a great time!

kelley said...

Hope you have a blast in Bristol and find a great place to live...would love to be able to walk or bike everywhere...

saving for travel said...

Just catching up with your posts.

Great advice to frugal graduates. My parents actually gave me the money to pay off my student loan. They couldn't bear me having one. I'm so lucky.

Great to see you bike riding. Didn't learn to ride a bike...might put it on my ultimate life list.

Have a fantastic time in Bristol. Hope you find somewhere really nice to live and good luck for a great future.

Have a super week.

Sft x

Meanqueen said...

Sounds very exciting. Have a wonderful time, I hope you find suitable accommodation.

skipandscatter said...

OOoooh! Isn't flat hunting exciting and daunting all at the same time? I hope you find the perfect little nest to come back to after a day in the lab!

Pamela said...

How exciting! Have a lovely time!

Maria said...

Congratulations on moving in with your boyfriend! It took us even longer than you, but we've now been living together almost 2 years :)
good luck with the flat hunting, and I hope your barley-technique-learning goes well too.