Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I Earned £1 in Ten Seconds!

Haha, that title sounds like a dodgy ad! :)

We've just got back from Tesco. It's one of the big ones with chained trolleys that you have to inset £1 to use. (Good way of getting around these if you've forgotten your £1 is to use the trolleys with the baby seats, which don't have the chain! Although then it makes you look like you've left a baby somewhere...)

Anyway, I was taking my trolley back to the park, when I noticed a lone trolley sitting in the trolley park. Someone had used both of the "starter" chains to start two lines of small trolleys, and this big trolley wouldn't fit. Did that mean... Yes! IT STILL HAS £1 IN IT! :D

I shoved my little trolley into the others and collected my £1 (it's actually a fake one from Morrisons that I "borrowed" from my Dad a couple of years ago!). Then I ran with the big trolley, past the car where The Boyfriend was waiting, waiving excitedly. In ten seconds, I had the trolley parked and had earned my £1!

FREE money is the BEST! :D

I wish I could get that rate of return all the time. £360 per hour! Not bad!

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