Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to Make an Applique Draught Excluder

Brrrr, isn't it chilly?

Our flat was even colder than it should have been because there's a half inch hole below the front door and the carpet!

My finger can fit under the door!

The Boyfriend said I should make a draught excluder to block the gap. I don't usually like to admit when he's right (it goes to his head), but this time he had a point so I got to work!

I had an old pair of holey jeans waiting for just such a project. (Someone did this on Superscrimpers too, but I like mine better!) My Mum also gave me a book on how to applique, complete with some fabric scraps and Bondaweb. Perfect!

How to make an an applique draught excluder:

1. Cut a leg off an old pair of jeans, turn it inside out and sew along the cut edge to close it.

2. Design a pretty pattern. I drew some Cath Kidston-inspired flowers.

3. Trace your pattern onto the paper backing of fusible web (Bondaweb or similar).

4. Iron (I KNOW, IRON!) the fusible web onto the wrong side of the fabric for the design. Make sure you leave the paper on or your iron will be stuck to the fabric!

5. Cut out the design. Turn the jean leg the right way round.

6. Pull off the fusible web paper and position the design right side up on the jean leg. Iron to secure it place.

7. Using embroidery thread, sew each design piece into place. Two common ways to applique are running stitch (the yellow thread) or whip stitch (blue). 

8. Stuff the leg with whatever free padding you have knocking around. I used: lots of odd socks that The Boyfriend refuses to wear, the other leg of the jeans and had a clear out of old pants that I never wear! :)

9. To seal the draught excluder, I folded the opening like an envelope and secured with a few stitches in a dark thread. (This way I can easily unpick it and wash the contents if I have to).

Tell you what, this thing is amazing! You won't believe how much of a difference it makes!


johnnyjumpsup said...

Hi, I agree. They do make a really big difference and block out any drafts really well. I made some for our doors a few years ago and we really felt the difference.

Pamela said...

That is so cute!

Moonwaves said...

Newspaper mixed in with the stuffing is also a handy idea. Especially if you get free local papers and always have some knocking around begging to be turned into something useful. It's well known for it's insulating properties, I think. Nice work on the applique. Very pretty.

skipandscatter said...

Clever! And now you can sit on the floor in all comfort. I really like the idea of using your old jeans. I have a pair stashed away and have been wondering what to use it for.