Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Beating the Voice in my Head

I sometimes find myself slipping back into the mindset of “well, what difference will £10 make?”. If someone suggests going for a meal, a little voice clears its metaphysical throat in the back of my mind and whispers “it's not like you do it every day”.

This week's persuasive extravaganza is the annual local fair, with it's £2-a-go rides. When my sister and I were young we'd have to beg our parents to take us (two kids multiplied by several rides really adds up!). Whilst it's always been a part of my childhood, I no longer want to waste a day's wages being flung about by some nausea-inducing behemoth.

The thing I like best is the atmosphere and smells of the fair, so I've decided to take £1 with me (for some fresh doughnuts for myself and The Boyfriend)! When I get there I always want to join friends on rides and persuade myself that it's a rare treat. My friend asked us to meet him there but I don't want him to wonder what was the point if we refuse to go on the rides. I guess I just need to talk to him about it because I must do this to prove to myself that I can enjoy events without blowing my budget!

The main tip about impulsivity in general is to stop using your debit card. If your budget is £30 for the week, only withdraw £30. Leave your debit card at home and don't even think about using a credit card instead!

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