Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Exercise is good, FREE exercise is better! Post 1 of 2!

The original post was a bit long, so I've split it in two. See tomorrow for post 2!

I made a New Year's resolution to lose weight and get healthier (I know, horribly cliché and yawn-city!). In true New Year's Resolution style, by mid-January I had somewhat fallen off the wagon, but lately I've been turning it back around!

Exercise is a major factor in the fight to de-chub and build muscles. No matter how much lettuce you eat, if you don't do any exercise you won't be fit, just skinny. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to lose weight for less! :)

I LOVE hiking! I love to explore nature, see some of the most beautiful places in Cornwall, and get fit at the same time. Hiking burns around 250-400 calories an hour, depending on how heavy you are. If the terrain is difficult or you are carrying a heavy load, it may be even more.

If you have never hiked before, you may believe you'll need some expensive kit. Hiking boots can be expensive, maps, rucksacks and a lifetime's supple of trail mix can add up, right? If you're a beginner, just do some easy walks in trainers. That way you'll see if hiking is something you'd enjoy.

If you decide you want to get some proper boots you have two cheap options; 1) Possibly not for everyone, but often people give away new or nearly new hiking boots on Freecycle. The Boyfriend got me some free boots from his workplace, which someone had worn once and forgotten about when they left! 2) Lidl often sell good-quality hiking boots for around £15 in the spring. Keep your eyes open in the next month or two, because my Mum absolutely loves her pair!

Many websites give free walks to do in your local area. See Walking Routes for links to your local area, or Walking Britain for walks in your nearest National Park.

Many people have a bicycle sitting in their garage/shed. If you're not one of them, chances are you could procure one very cheaply by looking in your local paper, or even for free on Freecycle. Once you have a bike, you have a free mode of transport that can get you places at 10-15 miles an hour, or over 20mph if you are willing to arrive very sweaty!

A slow cycle will burn around 400 calories for a 150lb person. It will be significantly higher if you are heavier or cycle faster! Another plus is that you could cycle to and from somewhere you need to go, saving fuel!

I really enjoy Zumba, a cross between salsa dancing and aerobics. I used to pay £3 a class at University, but in Cornwall the cheapest I've found is £5 for an hour. Not bad, but free is better! If you have a bit of free space at home, just look on Youtube for some videos showing you the basic steps. Once you have the basic moves, you can make up your own routine to your favourite songs. It doesn't have to look amazing, no-one's going to see you. Just get wiggling!

Do you have any favourite free ways to exercise? 
Come back tomorrow for three more free ways to get fit! :)

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Pamela said...

I work out to some DVD's and do weight training--not exactly free, but cheaper than the gym. I also walk a lot. When I went to school in Sheffield on exchange, I took Jiu-Jitsu at the poly for 50 p a lesson. (I was fantastically bad at it, but we'd go to the pub after which kind of defeated the purpose. However, I was able to drink DELICIOUS GUINNESS.)

It looks like you live near some beautiful places to hike. What a gorgeous coastline!