Saturday, 2 June 2012

Goals Update

I last wrote an update on my goals about three months ago, so I thought it was high time I did another one!

Moving to Bristol
When I announced that I am debt free, I decided that the next important thing I needed to do was save £800 to finance moving to Bristol. I have since increased this to £1000, to cover things like my share of a flat deposit and the first month's rent, as well as the cost of actually moving. I currently have £541 saved from my wages, eBay sales, selling textbooks and a refunded train ticket.

SFT's Challenge: Find an extra £50 in May!
 Saving for Travel challenged everyone to find an extra £50 in May, either by earning more, using vouchers or selling things. I only had the opportunity to work an extra 2.25 hours because I was away for nearly two weeks in total, but I did sell a couple of small items on eBay and used a few vouchers to net an overall extra £29.30. Still, every little helps!
New Year's Resolutions

1.  100 No Spend Days - Back at the end of February I had achieved 27 No Spend Days, which has now increased to 58 NSDs. This is an increase of around 10 days a month. Not too bad considering all the travelling I've been doing this year! 

2. Record every penny spent and earned - I do this every day and would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their money management. It helps you to understand what you could save money on and what your priorities are.

3. Reduce waste and helping the planet - I challenge myself to stay under 100 miles per week in my car, which is often difficult as around 50 miles are used just getting to work and back and my nearest town is a 14 mile round trip! I tend not to go to town unless visiting  my Nana though. My vegetable patch is coming on well (although my leeks were eaten *sniffle*) and I still don't really buy much.

4. Find a PhD - complete! :D

5. Spend more time with friends - went to visit some good friends in Kent and Essex, and see a lot more of my friends at home too. 

6. Weight loss - don't ask! 

 How are you doing? Are you in the middle of any challenges of your own?

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Frugal Living UK said...

Good goals and you are well on your way. You must be excited about starting in Bristol now and it is brilliant that you are getting ahead with the savings before you go.