Friday, 24 August 2012

Five Ways to Get Rid of Sticker Glue


I don't know about you, but I find that even “easy peel” stickers have a tendency to leave either the glue or half the sticker behind when you try to remove them! I have picked up a few techniques for removing sticker glue over the years, without needing to buy expensive “goo remover”!
 Please be sure to do a spot test before using anything that might harm your item!
  1. Good ol' fashioned soap and water – If you have a sticker on something that can be washed, you can soak it in a bowl of fairly hot soapy water and it will come off with a little scrubbing with a nail brush or a damp cloth.
  2. Vodka – the student's answer to cleaning! Just rub it on with a cloth and it will lift the glue off your item.
  3. Hairdryer – if you have a sticker on something you don't want getting wet, use a hairdryer to heat up the glue. When it melts it is easier to remove. This is also a good preventative cure too – heat the sticker BEFORE removing for best results!
  4. WD40 – spray on, leave for a couple of minutes and wipe off!
  5. Pencil erasers – rub the glue off with a pencil eraser – these can sometimes leave their own irritating marks though, but work well on wood.

Apparently even peanut butter can be used to remove glue! Have you used any strange tricks to remove sticker glue?


Wean said...

I've tried all of those except the vodka ! and none of them work for me, mind you, I'm talking about getting gunge off used jars - what does work though is turps - it needs a good soak/clean afterward though because of the smell, but the stickiness comes off a treat.

Bryallen said...

I found soap+scrub or WD40 to work best. Have a look at the peanut butter link at the bottom - there are 30 different ways to get the glue off - perhaps one for you in there somewhere!

Compostwoman said...

Essential oils - Eucalyptus or Lvender work well but any will do. Good for sticky stains on clothing as well.

Anonymous said...

Glad I read this. Have just taken some shabby stick on numbers off my front door that had started to peel. But it has left a very sticky residue that's driving me bananas. Soap and water didn't touch it. We don't have vodka in the house, but will try the other things. Cheers.

saving for travel said...

Excellent recent posts Bryallen!

Sft x

Meanqueen said...

I have a bottle of white spirit under my sink, usually used for cleaning paint brushes, it but also gets sticker gunge off.

Opalbeetle said...

Hi, enjoying your blog!

My mum always used lighter fuel. Only recently have I wondered why she kept a bottle of this in the cupoboard. Noone smokes (its used to refill lighters) and we dont have barbeques or bonfires... hmm... anyway, she always has a bottle, and it always comes out to get the price labels etc off and it works great. Perhaps it has other uses too. This is probably only frugal if you have other uses for it or if you are a (frugal) smoker!


Aimie Hudson said...

If you want to eliminate the decals, they can be done so quickly without getting any represents.