Friday, 3 May 2013

Super cheap chilli!

Do you have some slightly ropey looking vegetables in the fridge? (Carrots, tomatoes or peppers especially!) Why not make a vegetable chilli? The recipe below is what we had for dinner yesterday, and very nice it was too! As with everything I make, it's nothing fancy, easy to make, but filling and tastes good! 

According to Calorie Count, the chilli part was under 200 calories with lots of protein, vitamins and fibre! :) The best part? Even with rice, it costs just 36p per person! 

Cheap 'n Cheerful Chilli (serves 4)
(Prices from Tesco)
Nutrition for my chilli recipe (not including rice)

One onion - 19p
Two carrots - 16p
One tin of chopped tomatoes - 31p
One (drained) tin of red kidney beans - 21p
One tin of baked beans - 25p
A tablespoon of mild chilli powder - 19p
Half a tablespoon of oil - 1p

Serve with:
240g (uncooked weight) rice - 10p

Total = £1.42 (35.5p per person!) 

To make, just peel and chop the onions and carrots and fry them in a saucepan for a few minutes until they start to soften. Then add in the chopped tomatoes, beans and chilli powder. Bring it to the boil then let it simmer while you cook the rice. When the rice is done, eat! :) Simples.

If you're feeling hungry, just add in more stuff! I bulked my last batch out with some slightly squishy tomatoes, and sweet peppers are really nice in chilli. Actually, bulk it out anyway, because this is the kind of meal that you can batch cook, freeze in portions and defrost in the fridge when you want it again.

What are you having for dinner tonight? :) 


Robyn said...

We're still working through trying to clear the freezer so tonight is going to be a fry-up with anything that could possibly be included from the freezer, plus the last of the mushrooms and the cherry toms from the fridge! MrEH will complain though - no baked beans!

Scarlet said...

We're having 4 bean chili from the freezer ( from the last batch I made) - made with aduki, red kidney, borlotti and black eyed beans!

DennisLong Steven said...

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