Sunday, 12 May 2013

Walk to Work Week!

Monday 13th May marks the start of national Walk to Work Week. The aim is to get people moving, enjoying their local community and maybe even saving themselves some money. Of course, not everyone can walk to work, but even if you get off the bus a few stops early or park further away, you'll be getting some great exercise and clearing your head.

I often walk home from University (unless it's raining!) but so far I haven't ever walked there because I have a bus pass and I don't like getting up any earlier than I have to. Then again, in rush hour traffic it takes almost as long to get the bus to town as it does to walk to the University!

I live 2.8 miles away from the University, which means that it takes about 55 minutes to walk there. It's a fairly nice route, although there's a big hill at the end! Then again, I have to walk up a hill from the bus stop anyway, so there's probably not much in it.

I hereby challenge myself to walk the 5.6 mile round trip to University every day this week! I'll burn 600 calories each day, and it will only take about 10 minutes longer each way than getting the bus!

Anyone else walking to work this week?


Pamela said...

I'm going to try and walk to work several days a week this summer (I'm renting about three or four miles from work). It's also a lovely walk there!

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