Friday, 16 December 2011


Along with everyone else this past week or two, I've been soooo busy! I've been working A LOT, so even when I've had free time I've been knackered! My sister and I decorated the living room for Christmas the other day, and we've been knocking out our homemade Christmas presents. I've got to finish a lot of it by tomorrow because The Boyfriend's dad is coming down to visit him (from Coventry) and taking all The Boyfriend's (TB's? haha) family's gifts when he goes back home. I've made most of the things we are giving them (I'll post again when they're done to show off!), although TB got his dad a bottle of apparently very nice (but pretty expensive) whisky, plus some stuff for his brother too.

Today's goals are to make a stuffed toy dog for TB's niece and to proof-read his university applications (before work). Tomorrow I'll be hunting for PhDs again, putting my Nana's Christmas decorations up and baking shortbread for Christmas gifts (before work again, haha). So much to do, REALLY NO TIME AT ALL! 

How are your Christmas preparations coming? Are you nearly finished? I can't wait for a bit of time off in January (the Chinese is closed for a month!).  


Michelle P said...

Sound like you've been busy! And I have hardly done anything for Christmas.

Donna said...

I have also hardly done anything. I got a few gifts months ago. Now I'm still writing cards. Usually, we just exchange small presents. You are so busy-you must have lots of energy. Hopefully, you will get everything done. It is good to be working with the economy so bad-I know it's bad here in New York and I think there also. The main thing for me is to be with family and friends this time of the year.