Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Horrors of Handmade

I'd like to say I've really been enjoying making presents this year. I'd like to say that it has all gone off without a hitch. That would be a lie.

GRRRR! It's been so frustrating! Overcooked shortbread, toy dogs fraying as you try to stuff them, cutting myself to shreds with a scalpel, making something only to have it all fall to bits again, sewing machine motor burn out (before I'd even started using it), congealing cream, stitching some fabric inside out and only noticing at the end, chocolates breaking as you make them...

I think my problem is that I'm just not experienced in all of the things I'm attempting. I know that I CAN cook and use a sewing machine, but I don't make sweets or sew things often enough to be in practice. I'm just glad I gave myself a lot of time to do it all. I've been doing this on and off since September and I'm still not finished (making a lot of food items does not help this!) Will I eventually succeed? Who knows?!

I've got to post a couple of things today. (Last date for second class postage – first class is Tuesday 20th in case you need to know). I need to write some letters to go with them now.

Please wish me luck with it all – it's starting to look like I'll need it! :-/


Pamela said...

Look at it this way--you have a great story to go with each item. And the recipient can say, "Bryallen really loves me! She has the handmade gift battlescars to prove it."

Meanqueen said...

Don't worry, I'm sure your efforts will be appreciated. If people are disappointed with what you give them, leave them off the list for next year. True friends will love their pressies. I used to buy broken chocolates and biscuits from Woolys, they all go down the same way.

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

They will appreciate for sure. All your hard work will pay off.