Thursday, 20 October 2011

Frugal Christmas Gifts: Sweater Bag

I've completed one of my homemade Christmas presents! My word did it take a long time! It wouldn't have been so bad if I could've used the sewing machine, but the bag's for Mum and it's her sewing machine. It's really complicated to use so I'd have needed a refresher course in how to work the 1000 settings.

I made a sweater bag, as seen on Frugal Living by Basically you cut the top half of the jumper off below the armpits and use it to form the outside of the bag. I used some old white material I had as a lining, with a material-style belt cut up as handles.

I think it turned out pretty well and I took about 8 hours stitching the bloody thing so it shouldn't come undone easily!

Now I just need to get cracking on the other things!! Only 9 weeks until Christmas!


saving for travel said...

I love receiving anything home made!

My big sis gives us a 'hamper' every year, full of home made chocs, jams and chutneys. She's even given us logs and kindling for our fire.


Sft x

Frugal Down Under said...

Oh my - so so cute. I LOVE it!!!! You need to link it to Recycled Fashion - Friday Link ups, so everyone else can see it !!!

rivulet said...

First of all ONLY 9 weeks till Christmas... WHAT!?!?

Secondly, you did an AWESOME job on that bag. It looks terrific!

I really need to start cracking on the gifts I'm planning to make this year. One year I started making gifts for all of my nieces and nephews and ended up giving them all IOU's because I didn't finish a single one. I'm horrible!

Pamela said...

That bag looks fantastic. I keep my Christmas exchange list small so I don't have to break the bank, but I do love getting homemade gifts. And I've made them, too, though they weren't very crafty. (I'm very uncoordinated.) I did take sewing lessons, and I am looking for a table so I can set up a sewing corner. . .and maybe then I can try my hand at creatively reusing something. . .