Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Quick Update

I managed to find a job! It's part time at McDonalds, which actually seems to be a good place to work. There are a lot of staff benefits like money off online shopping at Amazon and Play (and some high-street places too). It's not what I was expecting to be doing six months ago when I got a letter back from a company researching plants offering me an interview (and later a job!), but still, it's money and it's flexible. I can fit it around my job at the Chinese and also any upcoming interviews I will hopefully have for my PhD!

In other news, I noticed today that I haven't used my credit card in over a month! (And it's all paid back!) The last time I used it was because I wasn't sure if I was near my overdraft limit, so in five weeks I've managed to pay off over £600! :) Not bad going for someone on minimum wage!

The best news is that with my new job I should be debt free by the time I go back to Uni! I will hopefully even have some savings! (I can't work it out yet because the hours aren't fixed, but even minimum hours gets me back up to £0!!)

I can do this!


keshling said...

Well done you - a fab achievement!!!

K xx

saving for travel said...

A JOB IS A says alot about you that you are so determined and will work hard to make your dreams come true.

Also sounds like you're using your credit card as a last resort, I put mine out of my mind too. Great work at paying back the balance.

To go back to Uni, debt free is a real achievement and it sounds like you have the right attitude to keep on top of everything!


Sft x

Bryallen said...

:) Thanks so much guys! It made me smile to read your comments. My sister's boyfriend has been taking the mick a bit about me working at McDonalds, but I'm sure he'd be a lot less impressed if I spent the next few months on the dole so I don't care! :)

It definitely will be a good achievement to go back to uni debt free. So many of my friends from uni have maxed out overdrafts and still no job, so to be consistently paying mine back feels amazing!

Thanks for your support!

Frugal Down Under said...

Your CV will look better with a mac job then the dole. Plus ALL jobs are networking opportunities!

I once had a job serving ice creams and a ex-interviewer came by. In front of about 30 customers I cheerily said "hello remember me? Your the person who didn't give me a job last month". Everyone cracked up laughing including her. As I handed her the ice-cream she said come by tomorrow I have a job you might want. So I did and I got a job that I liked. NETWORK and Show a smiley face :-)