Tuesday, 4 October 2011

How Do You Deal With Overspending?

Haven't posted in a few days as my laptop started making a rattling noise and what I thought was smoke was pouring out of it! Luckily my Dad's an IT technician. Turns out it was particles of dust blowing out and the rattling noise was a piece of broken vent-cover jamming up the fan! Good news – it's fixed! Don't have to shell out hundreds of pounds for a new one either - major plus point!

Anyway, onto the main topic of today. How do you deal with going over budget? It was The Boyfriend's mum's birthday on the 29th and we went out to dinner. It wasn't a high-end restaurant or anything (Table Table – owned by Brewer's Fayre), yet I still ended up spending £17 on one meal, all by myself!

I'd already factored her birthday present into my budget but didn't realise The Boyfriend was planning on taking her for a meal! My weekly budget is £15, which includes buying a few items of food for the house and maybe a half-price evening at the cinema or a pint of cider one evening. (Generally I try not to spend anything at all). Unfortunately the £17 meal was on top of all this!

So what's the solution? Do you take it out of next week's budget, spread the cost or simply accept it and move on, £17 worse off than before?

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Frugal Down Under said...

I try and sell some stuff to make up the cost. Ebay, noticeboards, word of mouth, car boot sale. Let people know you are looking for stuff for free to sell. People give me stuff all the time. Look at your stuff and see if you can make up the 17 pounds. Or find an extra little job - anything you can do for anyone in your area. Babysitting, gardening, pruning, errand, cooking?