Sunday, 16 October 2011

Time for Tea

During the exam period I kept myself sane by drinking vats of tea. I took a litre with me to the library every day and some days I must've drunk another litre at home! Eek! I've had to cut back to a normal two or three cups a day now though, after becoming slightly addicted to caffeine and getting headaches if I didn't have my “fix”!

These days a cup/mug of tea is a way to relax. Grab a couple of chocolate digestives and we're really talking! Top tip: if you only use digestives for dunking in tea (an act that The Boyfriend and my father constantly chastise me for!) then the value range at your local supermarket do just as good a job. In Tesco, Value Chocolate Digestives are 39p for 300g, which compares very favourably to leading brands like McVitie's (£1.75 for 400g)!

As someone who only got into tea a couple of years ago, I can't really say that I'm a connoisseur. I know loose leaf tea is supposed to be vastly superior to teabags (haven't tried this yet) but I was wondering: is there a noticeable difference in quality between different teabags? Do brands like PG tips or Tetley's taste better than supermarket own brand bags? All I know is that I hate Earl Grey (tastes like washing up liquid was left in the cup!) and decaffeinated tea tastes bizarre!


keshling said...

I drink tea at a pinch, if there's no coffee, but I'm not a massive fan. Being a Northerner of a certain age I was brought up on a cuppa but when I moved away I went all metropolitan (ha ha!). However I've only tasted Costa Coffee or Starbucks when I've done mystery shops of the brand. No way would I spend £3 or £4 on a hot drink!!! What about you?

K xx

saving for travel said...

Tea is tea as far as I'm concerned.

Not worth the extra pennies.

Sft x

Bryallen said...

I love coffee too, just takes longer for me to make as I have to fiddle about with a cafetiere (or however you spell it!). I hate instant coffee!

I do grab the very occasional Starbucks. I know it's a massive rip off so it's really not often, but I really like the vanilla latte and when I tried to make it myself it tasted awful! So yeah, that's a treat for me.