Friday, 25 November 2011

Apples, Apples, Apples!

Our apple tree has finally decided that it's autumn and begun to drop its apples. A lot of them came down in the wind of the past few days, leaving the ground nearby covered in apples! The tree produced so many this year that it managed to snap its own branch under the weight!

They are cooking apples, no good for eating, but I've collected a shopping bag full of them for my Nana and the next day off I get I'm going to blanche a big load of them for freezing and using in crumbles! :)

Do you have any fruit trees or bushes in your garden? What do you do with your harvest?


Meanqueen said...

I have lots and lots of apples, given to me by my neighbour. I sort them all out, wrapping the unblemished and undamaged ones in newspaper and store them in plastic trays. They will be fine to use later.

I cook a few very week, one spoon of sugar because they are sweet, put them in a dish in the fridge and keep dipping into it with a spoon. I don't freeze them. Sometimes I make custard. Tesco Value is quite nice, and cheap.

never too old said...

you lucky thing,just think of all that lovely crumble x

Frugal Down Under said...

Lucky Duck!

We have pawpaws and bananas. They are better eaten straight away or thrown in smoothies.