Friday, 18 November 2011

Feeling Frustrated!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been spending almost all my time researching PhDs. I prepared my first application over the past couple of days and sent it to my undergraduate tutors for any comments. One of them said that I should wait for the bulk of PhDs to be advertised, which this year will be near Christmas because of changes in funding. This is so frustrating! Should I apply for ones that are advertised now or wait? If I apply now I could be offered a position only to find a better one later, but if I wait I might not find anything at all! Bit of a catch 22 really.

I keep meaning to write a blog post, but I haven't had much time to make Christmas presents or do anything much apart from work! I guess that's a very frugal week – no going out and spending money!!

One thing I did get done was a pocket tissue holder for my mum. I followed these instructions and it was pretty simple and turned out alright. I did it all by hand again so I didn't ruin the surprise by asking her help with the sewing machine!

Since it was so simple I decided to make another for my Nana. I didn't have my laptop with me but I remembered what to do, so I sat down whilst watching a film and sewed away. It wasn't until I came to turn it inside out that I noticed that all but the bottom panel was the wrong side of the material!! You fold the sides in half and sew them to the bottom and for some reason I expected it to turn the right way out when it was finished! Fail! I'm not sure how noticeable it is with the pattern though. Not too much on this photo anyway!

Just another thing to be frustrated by!! :-/

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