Thursday, 10 November 2011


I read an article yesterday that said that if something is really your priority you'll get it done. I'm terrible for putting things off until the last minute, so I wrote a list of priorities and planned out roughly how long I should spend to get each thing finished.

My priorities at the moment, in no particular order, are as follows:
  • Find and apply for PhD positions
  • Repay my debt and build some savings for next year
  • Lose weight and become healthier
  • Visit my Nana more often
  • Finish my Christmas presents
  • Get rid of clutter

The article said to set aside time each day to get things done, but I don't think I will time myself. During the exam period I became OBSESSED with time. It was completely unhealthy and unhelpful, adding pressure to an already extremely stressful time. I decided I needed to do x many hours revision for each exam (working out at 8 hours a day over two months), but any time I stopped looking at my notes, for example to get a drink or use the toilet, I would stop the timer. I told myself each of the 8 hours was a FULL hour's work. It was completely stressful because if I didn't finish my 8 hours one day then I had to pick up the deficit the next day. You probably don't realise how much of the time you are not working when you think you are and it really adds up!

I remember for weeks after my exams finished I kept thinking I should be timing everything I did. I'm quite an obsessive person at times and it could have got even more out of hand!

Repaying my debts is an ongoing process, but the rest of them will require regular inputs of time. Instead of focussing on how long I spend on each, I aim to work on at least two of the five each day. Some days it will be less (tomorrow I'm working 5am-2pm and 5pm-~10pm, which doesn't leave much spare time!), but hopefully that can be counteracted on any days off I have, where I should be able to tackle a small amount of all of them!

These are my priorities and I must show it by my actions, not just my blog post!


Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

I'm sure you can do it!!

never too old said...

I admire your determination , sorting your problems whilst you are young will stand you in good sted and hopefully you will never be in debt again

saving for travel said...

Don't get too time obsessed!

But these are great and important goals.

Well worth your focus. Maybe with a bit of fun in-between?

Sft x