Friday, 6 January 2012

Car = Fixed

You know my car was making a horrible strange noise? It was the wheel bearing that needed replacing (I actually guessed that - clearly a mechanical genius!). This set me back £122 to get repaired.

This came less than a month after Jools broke down in Bristol, which fortunately only cost me £14.50 to get fixed. Next week he's going back in to get the fan belt tension-thingy replaced, which will be another £160.

That's the problem with older cars; they're cheap to buy but expensive to run! Jools has now cost almost £300 SINCE SEPTEMBER! Rarrr! The garage says he should be fine after these repairs are done though. I'm glad I've started saving for things like this!


kelley said...

How I dread the car repair bills...I've less than a year to pay on my car and have asked it to please be healthy until it's fully paid for...LOL...never hurts to ask...looking forward to extra money in the bank when the payments are done...

So proud of you for handling your finances carefully at such a young age (oh I'm an ancient 51)...I have coworkers your age in huge debt from buying "stuff" and we earn a good income... said...

At least everything is worthwhile. You'll be happy.