Monday, 2 January 2012

Evil Tripod Noise of Doom!

You know the sound the tripods make in The War of the Worlds?:

That's the noise my car has started making!

Dad has deemed it unsafe because he has no idea what's causing it. Of course what with all the bank holidays lately, the garages have been shut and are now fully booked up until next week! It is NOT easy to get to work at 5am in Cornwall when your car has stopped working! (Sorry that you had to get up so early, Dad...)

You think you're getting somewhere, then something always comes out of the blue to knock you back down to Earth! I'm really hoping it won't cost too much to fix because I've only just started putting money away for this sort of thing!!


saving for travel said...

Oh,I'm praying that the car is ok!

Sft x

keshling said...

I never had a car that wasn't a pain in the neck so I sympathise with you!

K xx

Sheila said...

Urgh we've had a whole bundle of car trouble-kind Dad though!

Pamela said...

I hope it's a very small, inexpensive thing to fix.

Meanqueen said...

Sometimes these things sound worse than they are. There have been times when I thought I had a major disaster to fix on my car, then found out it was easily repaired with a part that cost a few pounds. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.