Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Gifts

Hello! I hope that you've all had a lovely Christmas!

I thought I'd share with you some great Christmas gifts that I received that might be of use as ideas for you to use next year!

First off, coffee! I luuuurve coffee but you may've noticed that it's a pretty expensive habit, especially the flavoured lattes I like best! My sister's boyfriend got me some ground coffee and a set of flavoured syrups, so now I can make my own! (Or pull a bottle of syrup from my sleeve and add it to my coffee at work, just like Elf! :D)

My Nana gave me a book on preserves, complete with some Kilner jars! I can't wait to try making jam, or possibly the citrus marmalade.

My parents gave me a waterproof rucksack. This is ideal for anyone who has to walk a fair distance on the way to work. My bus stops about 15 minutes away from the University, and I get SOAKED fairly often! My old rucksack just wasn't keeping my books dry!

One of the things I got from The Boyfriend was a book on growing vegetables. I've already picked out what I want to try growing next season! I am restricted to whatever I can grow in containers though, because the garden of our flat is pebbles and decking. :(

The Boyfriend's dad gave me a Post Office One4All voucher. They can be used in several shops, although they are a bit of a pain because you have to know exactly how much is left on the card.

Anyway, I am sure as an avid gardener he would approve of my use of the gift card this morning; I bought a mini greenhouse (and a big container for future veg growing!). I'll use it to raise some seedlings in the spring, then transfer most of the plants outside whilst keeping tomatoes and other fussy things inside. I'm excited already!

Oo, oo, I also got some ball-point needles for my sewing machine. They allow you to work with more stretchy fabrics than my normal choice of polycotton. I think crafting supplies would be a welcome gift for a lot of people - I got my sister some card-making stuff, which is something I know she likes to do.

As you can see, I have lots to be getting on with in 2013! Growing my own food and preserving it, lots of sewing and more! :)

Did you get any frugal-inspired gifts that will make your life cheaper and easier in the new year? Leave a comment below with gift ideas to send and receive!

To Pamela:
I must confess, we didn't get the chance to make tofurkey! The shop had sold out of tofu, so we had mushrooms with our Christmas dinner instead! 

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