Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Homemade Christmas Decorations!

Hello! I come bearing tidings of great joy, in the form of a couple of snazzy Christmas decorations you can make on the cheap!

Glitter swirl bauble

These are so simple to make but I love them! :) You can personalise them to suit your tree or make one for each family member.

Get yourself some cheapy cheap plain baubles. I think Poundland do some, but I got 30 from Tesco for £2.80 (ish) because we didn't have any for the tree! You will also need some glitter glue (or glue plus glitter). You can get three bottles of glitter glue in Poundland for... £1. ;)

All you do is draw a pattern onto one half of the bauble using the glitter glue. To do the swirls, draw one coming down from the top, then add another coming off that one, and so on until you fill the space. Instead of swirls, you could draw stars or snowflakes if you like.

Then leave it to dry overnight and do the other half the next day. (To dry the baubles, I cut some toilet roll tubes in half and balanced the baubles on them - pretty sturdy!)

Fabric bauble

This one's a little more complicated than the glitter baubles, but they still only take about fifteen minutes.

Cut out two shapes from your favourite fabric, leaving a 5mm seam allowance. I used heart and star shapes, but Christmas trees could work too.

To embellish the bauble, I used a piece of ribbon and a button on the front. If you'd like to do that too, position the ribbon over the right side of one of the pieces of fabric and pin it into place. Next sew your button into place, remembering that it will be closer to the sides both because of the seam allowance and because it will be stuffed.

Pin the two pieces of fabric together with the right sides (and button/ribbon) facing in. Make a loop of ribbon or twine and position it in the top centre of the bauble, with the loop facing down between the fabric and the ends of the ribbon pointing up and out (see my Advent calendar posts if you don't know what I mean).

 Sew the two pieces together leaving a 5cm gap along one edge for turning and stuffing. Make sure the gap isn't where the ribbon is or you're making the final seam much more difficult for yourself!

Turn the fabric right side out and fill with stuffing or scraps of material.Using small pieces to stuff will give a more consistent shape overall.

Use a ladder stitch to close the seam of the bauble.

I made some paperchains instead of tinsel, as you can see in the photos! :) Also the Advent calendar is hanging in our living room as a bit of additional festive decoration.

Do you make your own Christmas decorations? Post a link below if you've done some Christmas crafting!


Janet said...

I've been building up my decorations over the last 8 years since grandchildren arrived, and things needed to be child-proof. I've made the felt hearts with the grandchildren's names on one side and a snowflake on the back. I also got a free gift of a small garland with a craft magazine and made this, it's really pretty, has jingle bells on it and I've kept the templates I made so that I can make more for next year if we need them. I buy a few little bits of decorations each year, then it isn't too expensive. One thing that I have done this year is to put a lot of shiny baubles into a big vase - I have a big round vase and a tall vase on a stem, they look lovely in the hall and cost me £5 for the baubles - the vases I already had. There were loads of baubles, I got them from Asda.

skipandscatter said...

I love the swirly baubles! They look so professional (and that's a really nice photo, too). And the heart looks sweet, too. Makes me want to sew up a bunch and hand them off doorknobs everywhere.
I have a new obsession today: walnuts. Wouldn't they look lovely on a tree? With a bit of glitter? It's a shame I don't really like eating them, though...

Kearnygirl said...

Love your ornaments. I just bought some similar baubles like the ones you made (red with gold glitter on them) and they were $6 apiece but they are very large and I put a gold ribbon through each one and hung them on my porch awning instead of on the tree.
Yours are the very same design. I haven't made or bought any new decorations for Christmas in a few years and just wanted something new and different to decorate outside with. I should have waited a few days to see yours and then I might have tried to make them myself. You are very talented!

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