Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ready for Christmas! :)

At the start of November I gave myself one month to get ready for Christmas by December. It was based on SFT's challenge to get all of her Christmas shopping done before the 1st of December, but I added that I wanted to finish making an Advent calendar for The Boyfriend and I, as well as a few decorations for the tree.

Well good news! I finished! I have precisely one person left on my Christmas list, but The Boyfriend is sorting their present out (his side of the family), so I'm done and dusted! :) I've wrapped the ones I have in Bristol, but most of the things I ordered online were sent to my parent's house in Cornwall so that I didn't have so much to bring home in the car!

The Advent calendar is up and filled with chocolatey goodies and challenges.

I've also made some decorations for the tree, which I will show you soon. :) We have a few cheapo baubles from Tesco, with a couple of nice ones from the amazing Trelawney garden centre in Cornwall and paperchains that I made because we don't have any tinsel!

I will be spending December enjoying frugal festivities like carol concerts, mulled wine and Christmas films! :) Can't wait!

How did you get on?


Frugal Living UK said...

I did it too! I bought my final Christmas present today, which makes me a day late, but what the hell. It is SUCH a good feeling to have it all finished. I will do a bit of wrapping tonight as well. Now December can be filled with the good things, like decorating, making nice food and enjoying Christmas.

Sarah said...

yayy well done! I did it too. I love the fact that I have finished. Am looking forward to spending time having fun days out with the family- we have a big weekend planned the 22/23rd which I have also put the money I will need by.

Enjoy your shopping-stress free December

Tania said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you! Now you can sit back and enjoy all the goodies from your advent calendar!