Sunday, 4 November 2012

Christmas Completed by December Challenge!

Hello all! It's nearing that most wonderful time of the year once more. Wouldn't it be nice if Christmas was all ready and organised by the 1st of December, leaving you free to crank up “Do They Know It's Christmas?” whilst decking the halls and getting merry, rather than drudging through town, getting more and more stressed because you don't have a clue what to get anyone?

Saving for Travel (SFT) has set herself a goal to finish her Christmas shopping by the end of November. I'd like to take up the same goal! I pledge to finish my Christmas shopping by the time advent rolls around.

I am also extending this goal a little. As you may know, it is the first year The Boyfriend and I have lived together in our own little flat. I LOVE Christmas decorations and making the house look festive, but we don't want to blow all our money on lots of expensive decorations in one year!! We decided to buy one decoration each year until we have a nice stash to put up every year, but until then I have got a couple of basics. Tesco are doing 20 fairy lights for about £1.75, so I got two sets, as well as these 30 red baubles for about £2.40.

To add to this I am making an Advent Calendar (more on this very soon!) and a few fabric-based decorations for the tree with some leftover gingham polycotton. (Oh man, do I love gingham!) As we all know, my attempts at handmade things often take longer than expected and things can go wrong, so I'd like to be finished with it all well in advance this year!

So far I have made most of an advent calendar and have completed a few people's Christmas gifts, but there's lots to be done! Is anyone else out there getting organised already? My friend has pretty much finished her Christmas shopping already! I am inspired!


saving for travel said...

I try and buy 1 decoration a year too.

This year it will be the tiny tin I bought at the charity shop a few weeks ago. I love it when they have a memory attached to them.

I know you'll do really well with this challenge.

And on 1st December all we'll need to do is put our feet up and look forward to doing all the fun stuff.

Sft x

Frugal Living UK said...

That sounds very wise. I love the idea of being completely organised by the end of this month, how lovely to just sit back and enjoy December for what it is and not have to set foot in a busy high street! I'm in.

hoppity said...

Great idea, I'm in, I love Christmas but like to get to enjoy all the nice build up stuff and not get stressed and panic buy!

The first Christmas my boyfriend I had lived together we went nuts...our tree was so big that it surpassed the farm's measuring stick so we got the top foot n'a bit for free! Not too long back I also found a receipt for all the ingredients we'd bought to make a posh Jamie Oliver stuffing that totalled £27?!...I try and do a whole weekly shop for that now!!!

skipandscatter said...

Good for you! I hate holiday shopping, but somehow always get caught up in it. This year I'm thinking handmade gifts all the way.
Last year was our first Christmas as a married couple in our own apartment. We ended up making most of our tree ornaments ourselves. The only fancy glass ornaments we have are gifts from our families and some that we have given each other when we were dating, so they are that much more special to put up.
Can't wait to see what you make! I'm setting up to document those I made last year plus make some "fresh" ones myself, so let's do this together! :)
Thanks for tagging me in the getting to know you game. I was away for the past two weeks, but will soon get to answering those questions. Stay tuned!

Bryallen said...

SFT and Dan: I'm looking forward to the mulled wine and mince pies already! I might venture to town and soak up the spirit, but if it's anything like last year I'd be better off not bothering!

Hoppity: 27 pounds for stuffing??? What was IN it?

Skipandscatter - I like the idea of giving each other decorations. I have some glitter glue left over from last year so I think we should decorate a plain bauble for one another. I'll let you know how it goes, haha!

Also, handmade gifts are great, but be sure you leave yourself enough time. I nearly lost my marbles last year trying to balance two jobs, looking for a PhD and making handmade gifts!

hoppity said...

I know I know!!!

A few spices that we didn't have, bacon, anchovies, pork, capers, clementines, chestnuts, much!! Honestly I can now do our entire weekly shop for less!

It is Christmas though & I think it's important to get the balance right, make sure you enjoy yourselves :)