Saturday, 17 November 2012

How to Make an Advent Calendar: Part Three - Triangular Pockets

Last week I posted about making an Advent calendar out of scraps of fabric. A week ago I described how to make little bags to fill with goodies. Today I will tell you how to make the next items for the calendar: triangular pockets.

You will need:
  •  The fabric you cut last week (two diamonds each of outer and lining materials)
  • One button per pocket
  • 10cm length of twine/ribbon per pocket. 

 1. Take the diamond fabric pieces you cut last week. Cut the top of the diamond off from one of the lining material pieces and one of the outer material pieces (see photograph for more details).

2. Next, sew the two outer material pieces of fabric together (right sides facing in) along the two longest edges. It should make a triangular pocket (with a flap of extra material at the top on one piece).

3. Turn the pocket right side out. Fold the flap over to close the pocket and remember where it comes down to on the other piece. Sew a button in that position on the triangular piece of fabric (rather than the full diamond side!). It should be just over halfway down on the right side of the fabric. Don't sew the flap down!

4. Sew the two lining pieces of fabric together along the longest edges, right sides in, as in step two.

5. Turn both pockets inside out. The lining pocket will be right sides out, and the outer fabric pocket will be inside out. Now, put the lining pocket inside the other, so the right sides of the fabric are touching.

6.  Sew around the top edge of the pockets. Take the stitch up to the midpoint of the flap, but leave one edge of the flap open. This will allow you to turn the pocket the right way out.

7. Cut a piece of twine/ribbon about 10cm long. Tie a knot in one end. Put some glue on the untied end to stop it from fraying.

8.Turn the pocket right side out and poke a knitting needle / teaspoon handle down into the corners to fully turn them. Insert the twine into the top corner of the open side of the flap (so it will be roughly in the centre of the flap).

9. Sew around the outside of the mouth of the pocket, ensuring the hole you left for turning is sealed. You might want to sew back and forth over the twine/ribbon to make sure that it is firmly attached.

10. The flap folds over and then you wrap the twine/ribbon around the button to close the pocket. Again, we will add the numbers on later.

When you have completed these two patterns you will have made two thirds of the advent calendar! :)

What sorts of things would you suggest filling them with?

How to make an Advent Calendar:

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Sarah said...

I fill my children's calendar with little decorations for their mini Christmas trees they have in their rooms, Christmas badges, they usually get new pj's (obviuosly they don't fit but I leave a little clue for a treasure hunt.

I hope you don't mind I have tagged you in an 11 blog tag here x

Anonymous said...

This has really inspired me. Thank you. I have a daughter who has had a brace fitted and isn't allowed sweets, so I have been thinking of alternatives to the shop bought advent calendars. Need to think of some little things to put in that won't cost much.