Monday, 12 November 2012

No Spend Week

I have just returned from a weekend visiting my family in Cornwall. It was lovely to see everyone and spend some time away from the buses, people and street art that make up Bristol. 

I now have a busy week of Uni work and when I get busy, I get spendy! With this in mind, I decided (and persuaded The Boyfriend to agree) to have a No Spend Week this week. I get free coffee every morning, we have food in the flat, what more do I need? It's not really as exciting as Frugal Queen's Stoptober, but it's my birthday next week so I may well need to buy a couple of beers! :)

One caveat is that if I see a really good deal on a Christmas present, I will grab it when I can. After all, I need to finish by the end of the month!

Following what I learned earlier in the year about No Spend Days, I will leave my money at home, bring a packed lunch (including a chocolate biscuit for that 3pm lag in energy!), stay in and work on my presentation in the evenings and have a quiet weekend working on my Advent calendar!

Feel free to join me! :)


Frugal Living UK said...

Good luck, I could do with a no spend 6 weeks!

Kerry said...

Good luck! I have a similar little challenge of my own going and it's actually quite addictive :-)Or maybe that's just me LOL


I'm sure you can doit ... your a seasoned campaigner by now .. you know the pitfalls.
Mind you it is a petty hard time just before Christmas.

Vicky x

Pamela said...

I think that's very reasonable. I'm doing a version of that, myself--or will be. I had to get a dish strainer and a tablecloth for my new place. (Well, I didn't HAVE to, I wanted to, lol.) But I think I'll be staying mellow and definitely un-spendy for the next few weeks.