Sunday, 17 March 2013

Money Saving March - Midway Round-Up

Hello! I'm halfway through Money Saving March and I reckon I've saved a pretty penny already! Here's how I've been getting on:

Challenge 1 - Packed lunch - I came close to failing this within a couple of days! I got up late and didn't have time to make lunch. Luckily, I had a not-very-tasty cheap-o packet of instant noodles under my desk at work, so I was able to just grab a banana and run out the door. Not the most exciting of lunches, but I haven't had to buy anything yet! :)

Challenge 2 - Finding change on the street - I've only found one 5p piece and a penny so far. Boring!

Challenge 3 - Stay in with friends - We made some awesome pasties, and I've also had brunch cooked for me by a Uni friend. I'm planning a murder mystery night too! :D

Challenge 4 - £50 extra income - I did the psychology experiment (involved a lot of clicking mouse buttons!) for £10, and have done 3 hours of demonstrating so far, with more next week! So far I've earned ~£43!

Challenge 5 - £1 meals - We've stuck to the meal plan pretty well this week, apart from on Saturday when we ended up going to visit a friend. Tonight we're having more fajitas to use up some ingredients, but I'll be making the quiche anyway to take to Uni for lunches! :)

Challenge 6 - Save money on bills - Still waiting to hear back from the energy company about whether we can get a better deal.

How're you doing this month? Are you having an expensive month like I did last month, or is it all going to plan? :)



Well done that girl!
Keep at it ... many a mickle makes a muckle.. :-)

Vicky x

AlisonB43 said...

Well done, keep up the good work. Do you save your small change in a jar? I did not save a fortune but my daughter does this and uses it as emergency food or meter money. Looking forward to further progress. x

saving for travel said...

It's going well. Am very focused this month.

Determined to fill up the sealed pot with as much as possible.

Sft x

kelley said...

thanks to your challenge I've finally gotten around to selling some things from my blog and at work...have already made an extra $80 this month!!!