Sunday, 24 March 2013

Money Saving March: No Spend Week!

I'm on a mission to save money in March! I'll be posting three times a week with ideas and challenges. Free free to join in! :)

Despite Money Saving March, my bank balance has taken a bit of a hit again this month! I have had to pay for travel and accomodation to Scotland for a conference (which will be reimbursed eventually!), as well as buying some foreign currency for a holiday next month! :)

Challenge 9 of Money Saving March is to have a No Spend Week!

We have food and no plans that require any money coming up in the next week, so we've decided to have a spending detox and go seven days without draining the bank account! So I will be bringing a packed lunch to uni (as usual!) and hopefully spending part of the weekend starting my veg container garden (depending on the weather, but I can't wait much longer!!). 

Another good reason to have a No Spend Week is that I am only 15% of the way towards my goal of 200 No Spend Days in 2013, and 23% of the year has passed already! I need to get back on the case!

Anyone else feeling a bit skint this month? Leave your wallet at home, grab your sandwiches and join me! :)

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