Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Money Saving March: Stay in (with friends)! St. Piran's Day Edition!

I'm on a mission to save money in March! I'll be posting three times a week with ideas and challenges. Free free to join in! :)

Dydh Sen Pyran lowen! It's St. Piran's Day, a day for all us Cornish folk to celebrate our heritage in honour of the patron saint of Cornwall. A lot of people go out today (or in a couple of weeks on St. Patrick's Day...) and spend too many pennies on cider! I say, stay home with friends, eat (pasties), drink (cider) and be merry!

Even if you're not celebrating today, you know how it is. Maybe you spend too many Saturday evenings in the cinema or the pub, emptying your wallet for an evening that'll soon be forgotten!

Invite your friends over for dinner or a DVD night and see how much you could save! £20 on a meal out or £5 on a homecooked meal? £3 a pint or £4 for four beers? :)

Challenge 3 of Money Saving March is to invite friends over instead of going out!

I've already completed this challenge! :D We invited our fellow Cornish-in-Bristol friends over for an evening of pasty making today! It's good fun to lay out all the ingredients and let people assemble and crimp their own pasty (no forks allowed)!

Here they are before going in! What absolute bewties! Luckily, the more mess you make in the kitchen, the more fun you've had! :)

I used Ann's recipe for making the perfect steak pasty. (Best pasties in Cornwall! I'm not getting paid to say that, I just think Ann is awesome!)

I also made vegetarian cheese and onion pasties for myself and my friend. (I know, I know, it's just not the same!) To make these, you'll need to substitute the beef in the recipe for cheese and extra onion (about 40g cheese and a double portion of onion). 

The meat was expensive, but we got beer and wine on offer and made a nice evening of it! We definitely saved money compared to the four of us eating out!



Robyn said...

I'll be following these posts with interest - i was really surprised just how little I managed to spend during my "Frugal February" challenge - it made a real difference to our account at the end of the month!

Frugal Living UK said...

Whenever I see a Cornish pasty I want one. I'm going to have to make some soon.