Sunday, 3 March 2013

Money Saving March: See a penny, pick it up

I'm on a mission to save money in March! I'll be posting three times a week with ideas and challenges. Free free to join in! :)

One of the first posts on this blog was about a family who had collected $1087 worth of change dropped on the streets of New York. It inspired me to dig out all my loose change and bank over £21 worth of coppers and 5ps. But how much money is still waiting to be found?

Donna Freedman found $21.31 in 2012.* She discussed people's aversion to picking up money, but argued that it's the little things in your budget that really add up in the long run. Admittedly it would be tricky to live on $21 a year, but whilst people are saving money by moving to a cheaper flat or selling their cars, they don't stop to think about the cost of the little things like eating out for lunch or a chocolate bar.

Challenge 2 of Money Saving March is to find and collect coins on the ground. (No matter how embarrassing it is!)

I've seen so many pennies on the floor lately. I found £4 in the Univeristy's toilets a while ago, and £1 in a trolley in Tesco! I'm a bit strange anyway, so I don't mind the odd funny look if I can collect a few quid's worth of coins from the floor this month!

(Yesterday The Boyfriend found a £10 note on the ground! AMAZING!)

How much do you reckon I'll find on the streets of Bristol, assuming ~30-60 minutes walking each day? Anyone fancy a Change Challenge? See if you can beat me! :D

*Thanks to Pamela for pointing me towards this post!


saving for travel said...

My Mum is fantastic at finding change on the streets. She gives it all to charity which is great.

I'm off to Bristol for a conference this week. I'll look out for you roaming the streets.

Good luck with that challenge and your money saving month.

Sft x

Robyn said...

MrEH has been doing this for years - each year on the 28th Feb we count up how much he's found in the last year - for 2012/13 the figure was over £88 - absolutely incredible!
Good luck!

cumbrian said...

Yes, I often pick up a coin, usually pennies but occasionally a silver coin or even a £1 coin.
Never tried keeping them all for a year though.

Frugal Living UK said...

The best I ever found was a £20 note on a tube station floor at Heathrow. Made my day, I can tell you. I'm never too embarassed to pick up money.